Spurned child molester who admitted to killing nephew gets 26 years jail sentence

A man who admitted to killing his nephew in 2012, was on Tuesday sentenced to 26 years in jail by Justice Franklyn Holder.
Roy Lewis, 37, of Glasgow Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice, admitted that he was jealous of his nephew, who had stated an intimate relationship with a young lady. The uncle and the 18-year-old deceased had ‘a relationship’ since the boy was 14.  In 2012, Lewis stabbed him to death.
Reports are that on December 27, 2012, at Sisters Village, East Bank Berbice, Devon Lewis, also called ‘Devon DaSilva’ went to Berbice to spend the weekend when his uncle, Roy Lewis, broke into the deceased’s girlfriend’s house and stabbed him to death.
Devon Lewis and his uncle Roy Lewis to confessed to killling him
Devon Lewis and his uncle Roy Lewis who killed him

It was reported that the man inflicted multiple stab wounds on Devon while he was asleep next to his girlfriend at her parents’ home at 112 Sisters Village.

After killing the youth, Lewis ingested a poisonous substance in an attempt to take his own life but was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was treated and recovered.
On Tuesday, Lewis appeared before Justice Franklyn Holder and pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. He was represented by State appointed Attorney, Sasha Roberts.
Meanwhile, in court documents dated May 3, 2012, Devon Lewis recounted that he was not on speaking terms with his uncle since he was age 14. The ‘falling out’ stemmed from his uncle telling him that he would kill him if he (Devon) told anyone that he (the uncle) had had anal sex with him.
The teenager had reported that during the falling out in May 2012, the relative had placed a metal-handled knife to his neck, telling him “Remember what I tell you. I will kill you…” A scuffle had ensued, resulting in the younger Lewis receiving injuries to his left hand and abdomen in the presence of several witnesses.
A probation report on the elder Lewis presented to the court by probation Officer Egla October revealed that Lewis had been intimately involved with his nephew.
In imposing the sentence, Justice Holder said that the act of murdering the young man carried a 25-year jail term and for the aggression shown, he added a further 11 years.
However, six years were deducted from the sentence for the guilty plea offered, since the court acknowledged that the defendant did not waste the court’s time. The Judge also took nine months off the sentence for the remorse which Lewis showed. In addition to that, the three years and three months which Lewis spent in prison awaiting trial were also deducted from his sentencing, leaving 26 years.


  1. If this person has admitted to the court of law under oat that he was having a relationship with an underage child….this criminal needs to be charged for rape as well….. Take the convict back to coart!!!!?


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