Sperm Whale buried in 22 – foot grave on Kitty foreshore



By Leroy Smith

Whale[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Sperm Whale, measuring some 45 ft which beached itself on the Kitty Foreshore was last evening buried on the Kitty Foreshore by workers of the Public Works Ministry and other relevant agencies in a 22 – foot grave.

It was initially decided that the Whale would be removed and buried on the Linden Highway; however efforts to have it removed from the seawalls proved to be difficult since the Ministry was unable to secure the required equipment to have the Whale removed.

The burial of the Whale at the location goes against the advice of a local zoologist, who noted that it has the potential of giving off an unbearable stench that can affect the entire Georgetown for as long as two months.

Romeo De Freitas of the Marine Turtle Conversation Society told Reporters that it was important to have the Whale buried at in the white sand area.



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