Specialty Hospital Saga: “The PPP has been vindicated” – Teixeira

Dr Frank Anthony and Gail Teixeira

By Jomo Paul

The site of the multi - million dollar Specialty Hospital
The site of the multi – million dollar Specialty Hospital

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) believes that the recent announcement that Government will be moving to complete the Specialty Hospital is a direct vindication of the Party’s intentions when the project was initiated.

This was the view posited by PPP Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira at a press conference on Thursday.

The Chief Whip pointed out that since the project was initiated in 2012, the PPP – then in government – had to bear the brunt of an onslaught of criticisms from the then APNU+AFC Opposition.

She said that effectively, the combined Opposition stymied the plans to build the hospital which set the project back by a number of years.

“The PPP/C has been vindicated in that we have now lost two years thanks to the behavior of the APNU+AFC in the Opposition,” she stated later adding “it was stymied deliberately, obstructed deliberately in the last Parliament and now they come back to the same point that we started with in 2012.”

Teixeira said that the Government now has a responsibility to come clean about its reasons for initially opposing the project, notwithstanding the allegations of corruption.

“The APNU+AFC has to answer what really was the tactic behind the obstruction of the specialty hospital….they now need to say to the Guyanese public why have they done an about turn,” she stated.

Dr Frank Anthony and Gail Teixeira
Dr Frank Anthony and Gail Teixeira

Shadow Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony stated that in addition to the explaining the change of mind on the project, the Administration also needs to state clearly where the funds are coming from.

“What we are not sure about is that this US$14M how much will go to Suddie, how much will go to West Dem and how much will go to Bartica and what it will be used for…we need to have more details,” he stated.

He said that those questions and others are “crying out for an answer.”



  1. Arenagal Can you testify to one of our public hospital that is now in a better condition since the despicable apnu team took office?.people are not blinded by craving of power.Be realistic and honest before you make false assumptions.

  2. Is this Defacto Colation for real. This is the biggest stunt they have pulled. While in opposition they opposed this project. What are they doing now????People wake up and witnessed for yourself these same idiots were a hinderance to developments to our country.

  3. Do you really belief that the APNU/AFC Regime will ever build the Specialty Hospital?This sound like a joke.When they say something they mean the opposite.So beware of these Fairy Tales tellers.

  4. NO, the present government said the money will be better spend on the upgrade of the GPH now if you think that upgrade has happen well then kudos to you so go ahead and build this hospital what a joke

  5. Why is this parliamentarian telling lies? There was opposition to the project because you were not taking care of the very local hospitals you have in the country that were in terrible un-kept condition. The current government will have those facilities upgraded and still allow a new specialty hospital to be built. This is not about you being vindicated Ms.Gail Teixeira!


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