Specialty Hospital Project: Gov’t only realises mistake when ‘scandals hit them in their face’ – Rohee


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is of the view that the current situation the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU/ AFC) Government has found itself in, could have been avoided if the administration had taken the views of the various stakeholders on board in the first place.

General Secretary, Clement Rohee, at  a press conference held this morning at the party’s Robb Street headquarters told reporters that the government has been failing to take advice from anyone, and as usual , only realises its mistake “when scandals hit them in their face”.

An impression of the Specialty Hospital
An impression of the Specialty Hospital

Minister of State Joseph Harmon, on Friday announced that Government was once again putting the multibillion dollar Specialty hospital on hold, since it was found that the contractor is now having some run-ins with the World Bank.

The administration, he said, will be discontinuing the arrangement with the construction company.

The Indian based company was selected by government, after the former contractor, Surrendra Engineering Inc, was dispelled by the former People’s Progressive Party administration back in 2014. Following that dismissal, the new administration came under fire, for selecting Fedders Lloyd without carrying out the requisite procurement process.

Government’s contention was that the company was the bidder falling under Surrendra, and that the move was very much appropriate.

According to Rohee, Government, has been going down the road of sole sourcing and ignoring the views of others that the project should be returned to tendering.

“I hope they have learnt their lesson from that”, Rohee added.



  1. After being in office for about 23 years,the PPP government did not only make a mistake,it also made a beef-steak,when Surendra robbed them of about $ 900 M,after it is alleged,that company never ever built a Specialty Hospital.This is merely a delay where the Coalition is concerned,after being in office for a little over one year.

  2. I hope the PPP has learnt its lesson,by losing about an alleged $900M to Surrendra,who,it is alleged never built a Specialty Hospital before.The action taken by the Indian Ambassador to Guyana in this matter smells questionable.


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