Speaker tells MPs words such as “shut up” & “shut your mouth” not allowed in the House

Speaker Manzoor Nadir

Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir, on Thursday, had cause to remind parliamentarians that certain words such as “shut up” and “shut your mouth” are considered ‘unparliamentary’ and hence are not allowed in the National Assembly.

“As we continue to debate and hear from many new members of the Assembly, I want to remind them and us, that certain language is unparliamentary; for example, “shut up”, “shut your mouth”, lie and imputing motives on behalf of another member of the house.”

“All of these are well captured in the Parliamentary handbook (pg 67) and in several other Standing Orders,” the Speaker advised prior to the commencement of DayFour of Budget 2020 debates.

The Speaker further explained that “displays in the house are not permitted” and these are from several rulings by Speakers that go back many years.

According to the Speaker, breaches of privileges are a serious offence “and while we do exercise fairness, patience and impartiality, we have to be guided by the rules that exist”.

Speaker Nadir further explained that he is also guided by “one of the most respected Clerks in the Commonwealth, supported by Parliamentary staff whom I know have been serving Parliament and the people for decades”.