Speaker rejects PPP motion for November Sitting of National Assembly


Speaker of the National Assembly,  Dr Barton Scotland. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chief Whip of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Gail Teixeira has revealed that a recent motion by the PPP for there to be a sitting of the National Assembly in November has been denied by House Speaker, Dr Barton Scotland.

According to Teixeira, she received a three and a half page letter from the Speaker at 10:00 hrs on Thursday November 12, informing her of his decision.

The reasons according to the Letter, was because the PPP lacks the locus-standi as prescribed by the Standing Order that deals with convening a sitting of the House on such occasions.

Teixeira said that it was an attempt to “muzzle” the PPP from engaging the APNU+AFC in Parliamentary debates over the recent increase of salaries for Ministers and Special Office holders.

Gail Teixeira
Gail Teixeira

Asked whether she believed there was collusion between Dr Scotland and the APNU+AFC on the matter, Teixeira urged that reporters draw their own inferences.

This comes after Government had moved to have the November 12 Sitting postponed indefinitely given that Government Parliamentarians have hectic travel schedules for the month of November.

The PPP had tabled a motion in the National Assembly that if passed would see the nullification of increase given to Parliamentarians and Ministers. [Jomo Paul]


  1. I believe,the Speaker in the House of Parliament was in order to refuse the PPP and Texeira`s motion in connection with the raise of pay for government Ministers and other workers employed by Parliament,including themselves.Are these people querying the raise of pay they themselves received?The motion is comical and nonsensical.I find Inews as being biased and non-compliant when certain issues are commented on.

  2. I would really the PPP to stop all the gimmicks and be a proper opposition. The people of Guyana deserves this.

  3. LOL.. but is since when the PPP is concern about ordinary Guyanese you guys was in power for 23 years and all you did was took care of your family and friends…all of a sudden you all care about the people’s business you forgot that you wouldn’t take up your seats in parliament for months ..only when you heard that you won’t be paid then you took your seats..you guys are a bunch of jokers.

  4. Galfromna are you out of your mind. You must have received that 50% salary hike too. Let’s be real Guyanese will suffered at the hands of these idiots who fooled majority of their supporters to gain power through the the back door.

  5. The average Guyanese school child knows that there is collusion with the Speaker and the APNU/AFC Government. This man from the so called “civil society” was a key player in past PNC governments when they destroyed Guyana. They are doing it again. Quote: “this comes after Government had moved to have the November 12 Sitting postponed indefinitely” Put another way its like a “prorogue” of parliament because the opposition parliamentarians are being denied the right to debate the people’s business. I therefore call on the EU and other donor agencies to withhold funding to the government. This was the EU’s dumb excuse for not releasing money to the PPP government. Where is the unity or cohesion? Where is the new beginning? Granger’s remarks to the 11th Parliament: “We shall implement measures to instate ‘inclusionary democracy’ and social cohesion in every municipality, every neighbourhood, every region and in the National Assembly” All empty BS. He just taak because he gat moute.

  6. Speaker rejects PPP motion for November Sitting of National Assembly
    PPP you have no say in ant matters concerning Guyanese any more.
    This is a PNC Guyana so get in line and tow PNC line justlike how PNC has to tow US line.

  7. Remember,Scotland’s salary and benefits were increased recently,so he has to play it safe.The APNU/AFC does not want to debate this important legislation of salaries increases so they are dodging.They will defend this at all cost.


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