Speaker raps Sherod Duncan over misleading post on MPs being “food poisoned”

House Speaker Manzoor Nadir and AFC MP Sherod Duncan

Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir today reprimanded Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian Sherod Duncan over a misleading social media post he made regarding an incident which occurred on Monday.

Duncan posted to Facebook that: “Several APNU+AFC MPs may have been food poisoned by food prepared by Parliament’s caterer(s). Developing story.”

But Speaker Nadir explained that other parliamentarians as well as parliamentary staff have reported digestion issues after consuming the meals which were prepared by the caterers contracted by the Parliament Office.

“We had an unfortunate occurrence yesterday (Monday) and many of the members and staff who ate, have had severe intestinal issues. And I note that one member has posted and imputing some other motive,” Nadir stated.

While he did not identify the member, Nadir went on to read the post which was made by Duncan.

“As far as I know, the incident that happened, did not segregate APNU/AFC MPs alone. But it was an occurrence which we are investigating,” he explained.

Just before he handed the floor over to Duncan to make his presentation during the 2020 Budget Debate, the Speaker expressed that “I trust that that offensive post will be taken down and that members will continue to carry themselves with the decorum with a member of the highest law-making entity in our land.”

The social media post, which was made at around 15:35hrs, had not been taken down nor amended at the time of this article being published.