Speaker disgusted with vagrants outside Parliament Building


Some of the vagrants outside of Parliament Building. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the vagrants outside of Parliament Building. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] As he tries to beautify the surroundings of Parliament Building, Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman has expressed his disgust with the vagrants who take up residence outside of the building.

Trotman told a news conference on Monday that several agencies are blaming each other for the problem.

“What we haven’t been able to do is rid the place of vagrants and persons of insane mind…junkies and others. I have spoken to officials of the Ministry of Health, officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Police and the Municipality all of which say it’s the others problem,” the Speaker said.

He reiterated that the issue is one of national disgrace. “I wonder if it’s a fire service or fire hose situation which is required but certainly it can’t run on and as I’ve said before it is a national disgrace and national embarrassment so I’m going to do whatever I can to beautify the area.”

Meanwhile, over the past months extensive renovations were done to the building. According to Trotman, the roof was completely renovated, while construction of washroom facilities for Parliamentarians is ongoing.  All air conditioning units were also replaced.




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