Sophia woman remanded for allegedly trafficking “ganja” into Camp Street Prison

Shondel Watson

Appearing before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty on Friday, was quite an emotional 26-year-old Shondel Watson who was accused of trafficking a quantity of marijuana into the Camp Street Prison.

The ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown resident pleaded not guilty to the allegation which stated that on June 27, 2019 at Camp Street, Prison, Georgetown, she had in her possession 314 grams of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Prosecutor Seon Blackman told the court that on the day in question Watson was observed acting in a suspicious manner by a police officer, who later conducted a search on her persons during which a small parcel was found in her skirt waist.

Shondel Watson

Another search conducted on Watson’s handbag unearthed two other parcels concealed in a bowl. Upon closer inspection, the items in the parcels proved to be that of ganja. She was arrested and the presence charge was instituted.

In an effort to explain herself, Watson in tears told the court that, the prosecution’s case was not correct.

The woman explained that when she arrived at the prison, she was searched before being allowed into the compound.

She told the court that she lodged her handbag with a security guard and went to the washroom. However, upon her return, she was approached by two officers who then requested to search her belongings.

As the search was in process, Watson stated that a police officer then informed her that the illegal drugs was found hidden in her skirt waist, nevertheless the defendant maintained her innocence as she claimed that there was no bowl in her bag.

As such, prosecutor Blackman made objections to Watson being placed on bail on the grounds that she had knowledge, control and possession of the illegal substance.

Magistrate McGusty after listening to the facts and the defendant’s explanation remanded the woman to prison until July 2, 2019.