Sophia residents praise Gov’t – as ring road project commences

A Section of the ‘E’ field Sophia road

Residents of Sophia, one of the largest housing areas in the country, are praising the coalition government for the implementation of a project that will link the many geographical areas of the community.

A Section of the ‘E’ field Sophia road
A Section of the ‘E’ field Sophia road

The Sophia ring road project aims at joining the roads of A, B, C, D and E Fields, Sophia, which will create the type of ingress and egress necessary for the evolution and development of a good community.

According to a GINA report, Omawallie Caesar, a B field resident, said the project offers a great help for the Sophia Community. “A lot of people in the community happy for it… even people out of the community passing through every day feeling a lot more secure…Vehicles can traverse and the police can too, to see if crime is (happening),” the report quoted Caesar as saying.

It said Daryl Isaacs of E Field Sophia is also appreciative of now benefitting from a paved network in the area. He, however, voiced concerns over the manner in which it is being used by motorists.

The road leading from ‘A’ into ‘B’ field Sophia that was recently excavated and will soon be asphalted
The road leading from ‘A’ into ‘B’ field Sophia that was recently excavated and will soon be asphalted

“We know it’s a one -lane road, but drivers tend not to exercise the five Cs on the road, instead of a driver driving on his side, he is taking more of the other side… if someone is going in the opposite direction toward him that person has to come off the road to give that vehicle their way,” Isaacs explained. He advised that the police make frequent visits in the area and that speed bumps be installed along the road.

Neilson Mc Kenzie, Community Coordinator, Ministry of Public Infrastructure indicated that the transformation of the community’s road network is in keeping with the aspirations to complete all necessary facilities to ensure sound education and inter-relations.
“Currently we are at the southern extremity of A Field Sophia…they are joining the roads across to B Field…this exercise would continue to C, D and E fields…. They are also doing some work to the northern extremity which is the palling of Dennis Street since it is prone to have some levels of slippage,” Mc Kenzie explained.
He added that there were excavation of the old road structures and a complete rehabilitation and rebuild of the said structure. However, some of the Guyana Water Incorporated’s mains will have to be relocated. This is to accommodate culverts, bridges, and conduits which are necessary for the continuation of the exercise.



  1. You are spot on philip. This narrowing of roads is not only in this area but throughout rural guyana. This type of road is for NOW. It is not for the future

  2. Sophia residents praise Gov’t – as ring road project commences
    Even if PNC cut a walk path track for they they will sing very high praise but better yet even if PNC dont they will still high praise PNC its the nature of the PNC support beast whom cant think for selves.

  3. These Bike Tracks they are giving you as roads must not not be accepted.They did it under PPP/C Government now the same trend continues.Years ago when there were a far way lesser vehicles, they used to be wider roads. Many roads across the country are no more than Bike Tracks, when vehicles are traveling in the opposite direction,both passenger’s sides would be on the shoulder of the road. APNU Government needs to investigate who are recommending/designing and approving these Bicycle Track and get rid of them. This is how the FRAUD is usually being carried out, either by the Contractor who spends less on materials or his Accomplice who recommends/approves these narrow strips when in actual facts a wider road should have being built.


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