Sophia man shot twice as bandit took away alcohol & clothing


crime[] – Thirty – four – year old Lloyd Scott has been admitted to a city hospital with two gunshot wounds after he was attacked while walking home on Thursday, December 24, 2015.

A police report detailed that at about 5:00 hrs, Scott was walking along the roadway to his home at ‘B’ Field, Sophia, when he was attacked by a man armed with a firearm.

iNews understands that a scuffle ensued during which Scott was shot and to his left foot and hand and the perpetrator took away a bag with alcohol and clothing and escaped.

No arrest has been made and investigations are ongoing.



  1. Welcome to the promise land –the scoundrels now killing for rum and old clothe–and the messiah says the crime rate is down while he is releasing more good for nothings out of the prison.” They must be home for Xmas ” to kill more people.” This is what you get when you have people in charge that never run or own anything I guess he took a page out of the Angolan president’s mantra-a very prosperous nation where 1/3 of the people are starving and the king getting richer.What a way to go.


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