Sophia benefits from massive community clean-up, 225 residents gain employment

Workers cleaning the drains in Sophia
Workers cleaning the drains in Sophia

[] – The implementation of a massive cleanup project in Sophia is considered the largest community cleanup to date under the Georgetown aspect of the Guyana Clean-Up My Country initiative.

Last week, contracts were signed with several community representatives from Fields A to E who will overlook the community enhancement programme in Sophia.  Due to the size of the community and the magnitude of work to be undertaken, the Fields were divided into 74 blocks which will be manned by, 9 Field Supervisors and 1 Community Coordinator.

More than 225 residents will function as Community Enhancement Workers as they embark upon cleaning drains, parapets and alleyways, a release from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development stated.

During this same period a team from the Ministry visited the area to inspect the work, and was pleased with the pace at which the teams were working.

 Just a few days after work commenced the work force which is made up of both men and women cleaned several internal drains, primary and secondary canals and de-weeded several alleyways.securedownload

During the cleanup up exercise, the teams have informed the Ministry’s personnel that they found several snakes, and they anticipate coming into contact with several more.

One of the female supervisors, who are responsible for the end of D Field, said that the work was welcomed by the residents, but the block she is currently working on is “very risky since there are several illegal electrical connections across the roads and are in contact with water”.            She further noted, “Much precaution is required when operating in the area”.

According to coordinator, Narine Khublall, “overall, the community will benefit tremendously from this clean-up exercise”. Khublall specified that by cleaning the community, “it will be more hygienic; garbage disposal will be under control; drainage and irrigation systems will be more effective, and more so, thieves will not have anywhere to hide or run to since all of the bushes in the community will be cut down.

Like all other communities which have signed on the programme, cleaning implements, protective gear and disinfectants are provided to the groups. The Sophia Community Clean-Up Programme is expected to be completed by mid-December. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. The PPPc finally showing some transparency. Even Ray Charles would ‘see’ these moves as ‘vote purchasi’ using the GUYANESE treasury”. Why wasn’t it started years ago???


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