SOOBA STAYS! Officially appointed as Town Clerk despite concerns about her qualifications and ability to do the job


By Kurt Campbell

Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.

[] – Carol Sooba, who has been acting as Town Clerk for the Capital, Georgetown over the last 16 months has been confirmed in the position.

This announcement was made on Wednesday (December 4) by Government’s Spokesman Dr. Roger Luncheon at his weekly post cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President.

Sooba’s appointment however, runs counter to the demands and wishes of several members of the Council including the Mayor, Hamilton Green who had raised concerns over Sooba’s qualifications, competence and ability to do the job.

Sooba, since her appointment as Acting Town Clerk in 2012 had come under heavy criticism and invoked a ‘deadlock between herself and Mayor Green.

Sooba told iNews during a telephone interview moments after the announcement, that she was confirmed several days ago and in many ways had expected it.

“I had expected that, since I started acting I did it for zero dollars and I put everything into it, all of my energy I put into it,” the overjoyed Sooba added.

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.

In response to criticisms by Council Members that she is incompetent on several levels for the post, Sooba said “All who think that I’m not able for the job, the current council who has been there for the last 19 years and think that I’m not able for the job, should have had the competent people and the council should not have been in the state it is in.”

Recent media reports suggested that the council had identified a “suitably” qualified candidate to assume the post of Town Clerk and had expressed delays over the appointment.

Efforts to reach the Mayor or Deputy Mayor on the selection of that candidate and the appointment of Sooba proved futile. It was previously reported however, that four persons had applied for the Town Clerk’s position.

Several other persons were also appointed to fill vacancies at the council among which is that of the City Treasurer.



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