Sooba sent on administrative leave

Carol Sooba being escorted by the City Constabulary.

By Jomo Paul

Carol Sooba being escorted by the City Constabulary.
Carol Sooba being escorted by the City Constabulary.

[] – The high drama returned to the Georgetown City Council on Monday May 25 when acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba was  instructed to proceed post haste on administrative leave following a motion brought to the council by Councillor Ranwell Jordan.

Decked in all black, Sooba who has had a strenuous tenure as Town Clerk with her appointment being confirmed at one time and a Court Ruling subjecting her to the position of de facto Town Clerk argued that the council was “out of order” to send her on leave.

On at the first statutory meeting of the council after the APNU+AFC took office, the council resolved to have Sooba sent on administrative leave.

According to Mayor Hamilton Green, the leave was being done to facilitate “criminal investigations” into the misappropriation of funds.

However three councillors rejected the imposition of administrative leave on Sooba with one of them arguing that it was “racist.”

Another suggested that the council forward the motion to the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development (now Minister of Communities) Ronald Bulkan to have it signed before Sooba was sent packing.

Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry
Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry

However the arguments continued unabated for well into an hour as Sooba sat in her chair and refused to acquiesce to the will of  the  majority of the councillors claiming that she was being ‘witch hunted.’

According to Sooba “you (Mayor Green) are out of order to send the Town Clerk on administrative leave….you are out of order to want to witch hunt me.”

Subject to her refusal to exit the building, Sooba was ceremoniously escorted out of the premises of City Hall with in her driver’s vehicle since the City Hall issued vehicle was confiscated.

No sooner had Sooba been removed from the seat designated for the Town Clerk, the deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry promptly sat down, much to the applause and delight of her colleagues at the council.

When Sooba finally made her way down to the yard, and out of the gates where a crowd was gathered she was greeted with shouts of “Sooba must go,” and her driver sped down the streets with her in the back seat of the vehicle.



  1. If you doubted that Guyana is going back to King Forbes, and Hamilton, Prince of Georgetown, days… This should remove them.

  2. Joyce, your Lord God Mayor wife just pay a ten million dollar tax bill. Are you foolishly blind?

  3. Clean up time, she power CUT, i see de bodyguard get transfer to barrat, criminals with gun permits, Lawless bull shit, Power cut ,,she need back up power ,,,De chat3,Bennup,or Barrat !,LOL. Again stay humble in life, this is the lesson the PPP failed to learn, so they are paying the price for Power,,OUT goes you

  4. god is incharge no one did not come forever on the face of this earth forever people have to come to grip with these things life is short

  5. Disgraceful for democratically elected government to act like this. The administration should exercise the power in a more civilized manner. In politics nothing is permanent. Kingdom fall democracy is beyond politics.

  6. Come on no comments on this from the people who preach that racism must stop and we must move forward??? The list is long and this is just the beginning of the corruption to come.

  7. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This unqualified hack never thought that this day would come. Her only role at City Hall was obstructionist. Ack like she was in charge and block all progressive efforts of the administration. Not to mention her unauthorized purchase of furniture for her office and refusing to pay that lowly female emloyee since last year. This woman was a bully who reflected the MO of those who placed her in that undeserved position. She was no doubt a square peg in a round hole. A lacky that was clearly out of her water. Where is her benefactor now. See you Sooba. Calk Whittaker, he may have a job for you, one that you are qualified to do. Like street cleaner.


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