Son of social media activist attacked by alleged robber


By Ashraf Dabie

The 15-year-old son of a social media activist has been attacked and injured after he was reportedly confronted by the alleged thief of a robbery that occurred last week on the family’s home.

This alleged robber, infamous to the Coldingen area on the East Coast of Demerara, on Monday last reportedly broke into the home of Mikhail Rodrigues, better known to a Facebook following as the ‘Guyanese Critic’, and carted off several gadgets belonging to the family.

Sean Rodrigues displaying injuries sustained in the attack

According to information reaching this publication, at about 16:00hrs on the day in question, Rodrigues’s older son was returning home when he reportedly saw the suspect, known for ‘petty robberies’ in the village, walking away from their Lot 401Coldingen residence. The suspect was said to be clutching a black bag as he made his way into a white Toyota Tacoma pickup and fled the scene.

Though unaware of what exactly had transpired, the lad made contact with his younger brother, Sean Rodrigues, who in turn informed their father of the suspicious incident. Upon investigating, the trio discovered that an X-Box gaming console and other possessions were missing from their home.

The following day, the lad, unknowing to his father, visited the residence of the suspected robber in an attempt to inform the suspect’s mother of the incident. Enraged by this, the suspect reportedly confronted Sean in front of his residence. This forced a concerned Mikhail Rodrigues to intervene in the matter, resulting in him approaching the suspect.

The social media activist told this publication, “I, in turn, went after him and asked him what was the matter, and attempted to address it in a manly manner; at which time he ran away.”

Despite the move to dissuade the alleged perpetrator from interfering with Sean, the suspect allegedly accosted Sean once again on Saturday in the vicinity of the Coldingen playground and reportedly chopped the lad to the face during the attack.

The 15-year-old was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where, after some delay, he received treatment and was sent away.

Mikhail Rodrigues, meanwhile, has taken to his online platform to express his grievance in relation to the attacks against his family, as well as to outline his concerns regarding the operations of the GPHC.

In so doing, the ‘Guyanese Critic’ has relayed to his followers: “Have hope that by setting examples we can create a system that will see all Guyanese wronged being appreciative of the JUSTICE SYSTEM”.

In a subsequent post, Rodrigues went on to say, “I hope the Government can hear the cries of the people, and do the right by bringing the services that they provide through the GPHC to a standard that Guyanese can grow to like.”

Rodrigues indicated that a report of the incident was filed at the Vigilance Police Station, but no arrest has to date been made. He intends to return to the Police station to follow up on the matter.


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