Son drowns, father’s decomposed body found in house

Dead: Bhognarine Isbarran (left) and his father Budhram Isbarran

As relatives returned home from the post-mortem examination of a man who drowned in East Canje, they were greeted with the news that his father’s decomposed body was discovered in a house in another part of East Canje.

On Monday, Bhognarine Isbarran, also called “Gaga”, 40, was fished out of a trench in the backlands of Cumberland, East Canje. The man had gone fishing.
According to his mother, Niniwattie Persaud, called “Nado”, the former cane harvester left home to go fishing and never returned. A search party went in search of Bhognarine, who was an epileptic, and discovered his body partly submerged in a trench.

Dead: Bhognarine Isbarran (left) and his father Budhram Isbarran
Dead: Bhognarine Isbarran (left) and his father Budhram Isbarran

‘Nado’ explained that her son’s face was in the water and the rest of his body out of the trench.
Bhognarine, who had separated from his wife a few years ago, became ill and stopped working as a cane harvester. He did odd jobs in the village to earn an income. An autopsy conducted on the body on Wednesday confirmed that he drowned.
After the results of the autopsy were given to family members, Persaud received news that her former husband was found dead in a house at Reliance Settlement.
The partly decomposed body of the elder Isbarran, was discovered lying on the floor of his Lot 47 Second Street, Reliance Settlement home, partly nude.
The 67-year-old was last seen on Monday. Reports are that neighbours heard him groaning on Monday evening. One of his nephews told this newspaper that on Sunday, Isbarran complained of feeling unwell and did not go into the backdam to attend to the cattle.
A check was made on Wednesday at Isbarran’s home and the discovery was made. “After I went out all day Monday and Tuesday looking for the cows, I send over one of the workers to go over and check on he because is since Sunday he leave and say he going in the market and I ain’t see him… the boy come back and say when he push the door, he see him swell up on the floor.”
A post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted on the body today.


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