Some water processors ordered to cease operations over unsanitary drinking water


Full statement from the Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD)

The Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) wishes to advise the general public on the findings of a water processing survey that was conducted among forty-six (46) processors in Georgetown and its immediate environs. This survey exercise was conducted during the period October 2020 and January 2021.

A total of one hundred and sixty (160) water samples were taken by Inspectors of the department and submitted to our Food Microbiology laboratory where the test parameters for Total Coliform and E. coli were performed: a test that gives a general indication of the sanitary and safety condition of the water supplied. This survey / exercise was therefore conducted to determine whether the sanitary / microbiological requirements as outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard for drinking water quality were being met.

Of the one hundred sixty (160) samples submitted, 109 or 68% were found to be satisfactory, while 51 or 32% were found to be unsatisfactory for the parameters tested. The department then had cause to with immediate effect ask ten (10) water processors to cease operations and there were only allowed to resume operations after satisfying sanitary and microbiological safety requirements in the best interest of the consuming public.

Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) or Sanitary Inspectors who work collaboratively with Inspectors of the GA-FDD have been alerted to this survey / exercise findings and would be conducting a similar survey among water processors in their regions.

Only twenty-five (25) of the forty six (46) water processors who participated in the survey were in possession of the Water Treatment & Basic Sanitation certificate issued by Empretec Guyana Inc. and this is another basic requirement that water processors must fulfill, in order to be licenced or approved to process.

Kindly see the attached a current list of licenced/approved water processors in Guyana. The department is hereby reminding all water processors to submit regular samples to the department; and to ensure that processing, sanitation and record keeping requirements are adequately maintained to protect the consuming public.

1. Ultra Valley Water Lot 1665 Tuschen, New Scheme, East Bank Demerara
2. Edmond Durban Grumbal Lot 13 Public Road, Three Friends, Essequibo Coast
3. Clear Spring Purified Water Lot 35 Goed Intent, W.B.D
4. D & L Purified Refill Water 7 & 8 Public Road, La Grange, W.B.D
5. D & L Purified Water 153 Public Road Nismes, W.C.D
6. Blue Natural Spring 151 Public Road, Zeeburg, W.C.D
7. Blue Ribbon Manf.Guyana Inc 97 West Meer-Zorg, W.C.D
8. Banks D.I.H Thirst Park, Georgetown
9. Demerara Distillers Limited Plantation Diamond, E.B.D
10. Rafeena Mohamed Lot 13, # 78 Village, C/tyne, Berbice
11. Amazon Water Depot Lot 2232 Section’C’, Block X, Housing Scheme, Diamond, E.B.D
12. Aquafina Water & Ice Lot 160 Section D, Non Pariel, E.C.D
13. Rajendra Jai Jai Ram Lot 2 A, Balgobin Street, Rose Hall, Berbice
14. Pure Aqua Lot 420 4th ,Herstelling, E.D.B
15. First Choice Purified Water 335 Tuschen, New Scheme, E.B.D
16. Shield Waters Lot 1356 Section ‘A’, Block X, Diamond, E.B.D
17. Optimum Pure Water Lot 22 Public Road, Nabaclis, E.B.D
18. Balram Water Store Lot 7 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
19. Pure Plus Water Lot 34 Meadow Brook, Garden, G/town
20. Joy Water Lot 200 1st Street, Mocha, E.B.D
21. Pristine Waters Lot 120 Vryheid’s Lust North, E.C.D
22. Atlantic Manf.& Packaging Company Lot 25 Courbane Park, Annandale, E.C.D
23. Alkaplus Wellness & Water Refilling Lot 529 Section,’ A’ Block x, Diamond, E.B.D
24. White Rain Purified Water Lot 69 Durban Street, Lodge, G/town
25. Sunny Ultra Pure Lot 1 Sparta, Essequibo Coast
26. Natasha English Lot 17 Obama Drive, Amelia’s Ward, Linden
27. Roxanna Summer Lot 226 Mora Street, Mc Kenzie, Linden
28. Leed’s H20 Purified Water Lot 30 5th Avenue, Bartica
29. Aqua-Tic Purified Water Lot 48 First Avenue , Bartica
30. Juice Up Guyana Lot 1237 West Minister, W.B.D