Some Wales workers given marching orders by GuySuCo – GAWU


The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) GAWU is alleging that since Friday, February 05, 2016, no less than sixty (60) workers undertaking various tasks in the fields and the factory at the Wales Estate were given marching orders by officials of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo).

sugar1According to GAWU, workers were told that they were no longer engaged in the employ of the Estate on the ground that they were temporary workers. “These employees worked previous crops at the Estate. A few of them, including young females, we understand, were told they could be further employed to cut and load canes, if they wished,” GAWU said.

The Union added that this morning (February 08, 2016), over fifty (50) planters were reportedly told by GuySuCo officials that if they did not to take up employment at Uitvlugt Estate and did not agree to accept severance pay within the three (3) days, it would be regarded by GuySuCo that they have opted to leave the Estate’s employ.

“GAWU condemns the so-called interviews at the instance of GuySuCo with the workers and the high-handedness adopted. The Union also wishes to point out that the interviews are being conducted behind the backs of the workers’ Unions – GAWU and NAACIE,” the statement added.

The Union noted this recent move by GuySuCo is contrary to what Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder had said a few days ago, that is; as it stands no worker will be retrenched.




  1. This news is shocking, however, I have a relative at Wales whom I have just spoken to and he indicated a far different story from what the GAWU is claiming. The Union is highly sensationalizing the workers and the public at large with wrong info. My cousin indicated that he and others were spoken to by management on the options to remain at Wales to year end and work in their same gang or cut canes or opt for early pension who are above 55 and or opt to be transferred at Uitvlugt estate. This they were given a week time to considered among their relatives and so inform management on their choice.

    He said there are no person taken off the work except some crop husbandry workers who work less than the qualification period. That seem normal temps have no firm right to job as stated in the union agreement. I am aware that a lot of temps at Skeldon were laid off last crop after no work was available.

    He said nothing was force down the throat of the workers but management trying to place all current crop husbandry workers in suitable jobs to be gainfully employed.

    GAWU seems to be a propaganda machine filtering out lies to the workforce than finding ways to help the workers. The three day story is just a farce and rumor by GAWU. My cousin said he informed management today that he would prefer his severance instead of going to Uitvlugt and was told to continue working until he is told otherwise. This he said management will have to taken to the Ministry and union first before any action on severance.

    God prayers are with the workers for the handling of this situation by GAWU from what is being place in public left much to be desired. Their concerns are not the workers interest but the politics being play. It is astonishing to see how the GAWU leadership have suddenly became rejuvenated after the change of Government. Workers will be used as scape goat to fulfill Komal political agenda.

    I am concern about my colleagues at Wales if their matters are not being handled properly and maturely by all.

  2. Welcome to the LAND of the 70s and 80s….Instead of Guyana moving FWD, it is moving backward under the PNC regime…Clive Tomas openly indicated that he will make a proposal to offer these cane cutter land to farm on….Is Clive Tomas ONE of the biggest dunce Guyana has seen or Granger/Harmon? What are these guys thinking economically….make people farmers to improve these lives? What a JOKE! No wonder crime is @ its peak, Suicide is @ its peak….people are depressed under these leaders because they are doing nothing BUT killing economy…the blame Jagdeo for being corrupted yet FORBES release last week that Guyana is STILL the #1 most corrupted country…which means coc-Eye Ramjattan/Moses and OLD head Granger/Harmon has made ZERO improvement since taking office…ALL false words falling out their rotten mouth to the Guyanese public….These guys should be inducted into the world hall of shame to be human….


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