Some terminated GWI workers to receive severance by the end of June


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) today clarified that under the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act, a total of 157 staff are listed to be sent off as part of its restructuring plans and rationalisation of the staffing establishment.

According to the GWI, this is to ensure the efficient and productive management of its daily operations.

Of the 157, 76 employees were issued termination letters on May 31, 2021 and will go off on June 30. The remainder of staff is slated to be sent off within a three-month period.

“It must be noted that due process was followed prior to any decision making and all of the 76 employees will receive their severance benefits by the end of June,” the GWI said.

It was previously reported that an increase of 700 employees within five years at GWI has resulted in overstaffing, to which the management has now taken a move to terminate over 100 persons.

Chief Executive Officer of GWI, Shaik Baksh had revealed that the expenditure to facilitate the high employment rate was not sustainable. In fact, the costs had moved up from $96 million to $240 million – an increase of 140 per cent.

To compound the issue, the CEO highlighted that the productivity ratio has seen negative figures. He added that the entire apparatus of the agency is under review to increase productivity and cut costs.

Executive Director of Human Resources, Elvis Jordan detailed that GWI could function with just under 1000 persons, meaning that there was an excess of 300 employees.