Some residents “inadvertently” received solar panels – Gov’t


Solar panels[] – The Office of the Prime Minister says some residents of Port Kaituma “inadvertently” received Solar Home Systems in a recent distribution exercise hence the government sought to reclaim those solar panels.

This statement from the Prime Minister’s office comes after reports surfaced in the media that government agents were seeking to reclaim the solar panels from some persons because they were supporters of the APNU+AFC coalition.

The statement, in an attempt to dismiss the reports, pointed out that the solar panels were intended for persons that are not connected to the Port Kaituma electricity grid and it was only after the distribution that the discrepancies were noticed.

“It was recognised after distribution that many of the households that received systems were connected to the grid. The village leaders (who normally lead the distribution) completed the distribution according to the list. It should be understandable that requests would be made for those connected to the grid to return the Solar Home Systems, so that a brother or sister citizen of Guyana without any electricity would get that benefit,” the statement noted.

According to the statement, in a typical hinterland village/community, there would likely be a central area that would be served economically by a mini-grid, and outlying households would be served by Solar Home Systems.

According to the release, “It was never intended for Government to provide both systems to any household. There were errors made in the listing and distribution of Solar Home Systems at Citrus Grove, Port Kaituma. A number of households ended up with both benefits and were asked to return the Solar Home Systems they had inadvertently received. There was no question here of political party affiliation, whether for the Government or Opposition.

“As alluded to above, this programme of providing Solar Home Systems to hinterland households began in 2007. To date, nearly 20,000 hinterland households have benefited. The aim is to give every household some degree of electricity access. As such, the political affiliation or views of members of any household is not a consideration to receive a solar system,” the statement noted.



  1. I believe,the PPP/C government shared these solar systems to those people,as an election ploy,hoping they will get their votes.Why from the inception,they did not have a survey to determine who were qualified for these systems?recently,it might have dawned upon them,that many of these same individuals are swinging towards the Opposition,therefore we want the solar systems back.When you have been given a gift,by right,you should keep it.ANOTHER WAY OF TRYING TO BAMBOOZLE GUYANESE.GUYANESE ARE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE,

  2. By all means they should return it if they really care about their fellow villagers. Why covit it when someone else needs it. Everything that happens now will be politically motivated. Only the ignorant people will believe all the bull these people say.


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