Some Pensioners demand increase of $20,000 from next government

Margaret Bobb

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Margaret Bobb
Margaret Bobb

[] –  Some pensioners in Berbice are demanding an increase in pension payment of $20,000 from the new government post May 11.

The pensioners told iNews that the cost of living continues to rise with no additional financial relief in sight. Most of the pensioners who spoke with iNews are sole dependents of the government’s paid $13,000 and are, “struggling bad” to make ends meet on a daily basis.

Pensioner, Sultan from Rose Hall Town, Corentyne told iNews that, “money never enough man…they gotta help the people them more.”

Another pensioner, Margaret Bobb became emotional as she spoke about the struggles pensioners endure due to lack of finances.

“When you draw the money it done because I gotta go pay light or water bill so that can’t really do because some old people living alone by themselves and they don’t have any other ends to meet up so that pension there it can’t do.”

While some pensioners are only demanding $20,000, others want more. “I know in my days when the old people use to collect pension, they use to collect pension like in their 50’s, now they carry it till at 65, now when you reach 65, the government done know that some people won’t live until 65 year.”

The pensioners said monies that are being used for unnecessary projects can assist them to live with a “little more ease.”

Meanwhile, Nagamah Argene expressed similar sentiments and called for an increase.

Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson

“No, no that can’t do for them, because we get $13,000 you gotta buy little milk, you gotta go doctor and doctors does take about $5,000, you go to the clinic and you don’t get all the medication.”

Mary Hyacinth Nelson is asking that the next parliament approve the $20,000 increase and a gradual increase is made for every other budget.

“They have to try and do something about it because when you draw the old age pension by the time you turn around in the market and if you don’t hurry and come out the money finish…they said they are going to give us $15,000 but we want $20,000, we don’t want $15,000 for now and every budget it should continue to increase…the cost of living is so high and we pensioners are struggling bad.”

Meanwhile, Ivereen Nesha expressed gratitude to government for the last increase.

Ivereen Nesha
Ivereen Nesha

“God must bless the government, if them nah get more to give me, me can’t force them but God must bless them for what them ah give me…when them want give me more, them will give, but God bless them for that.”

The opposition coalition and the PPP government have both committed to increase old aged pension from $12,500 to $15,000 if they win the next general and regional elections slated for May 11.



  1. Indeed the amount given to pensioners at the moment is most inadequate. They could do with an increase. As the country gets richer by way of wealth creation and obviously, those tax dodgers start paying their taxes, those employers forwarding their employees NIS contributions and the obstructionist opposition start thinking and putting Guyana and Guyanese first, then a substantial increase would become a dream. Some dishonest politicians who are only interested in themselves and parcelling of positions should they form the next government, know fully well that wealth have to be created before re- distributed. They also know that the more money in circulation, that would trigger inflation and any increase would become useless. The opposition can only promise. It’s a different story when you have to govern a country for all. I wonder if they can run a corner shop!!!!
    As far as I am aware, old age pensioners do not have to pay water rates as claimed by one pensioner.

  2. all pensioners must demand 40,000 per month….disband the so called army and let the people enjoy their lives..once the meters in their names and is at their address and they are alive then water and light must be given the them too…this government eye-pass and ras pass old people for the crooks they hire in police and army..cut all politicians wages by 40%…stop this duty free scam…its a scam for the most privileged in society..taxpayers even pay for politicians shit paper…politicians have no damn shame..ask the so called independent free media to ask granger whats his perks wages and pension package…just like how they boldly ask jagdeo about his..fright have some of them knowing what pnc could do to them if they pressure pnc into things pnc dont want to talk about. .


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