Some Opposition Leader assets handed over to PPP; Others outstanding

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Gail Teixeira
Gail Teixeira

[] – The Office of the Leader of the Opposition, in a statement on Thursday, described as “dishonest and conflicting”,  statements emanating from Minister of State, Joe Harmon with respect to the transfer of assets for the Leader of the Opposition’s office.

Chief Whip of the Opposition, Gail Teixeira is reportedly the appointed person  to receive the assets on behalf of Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo and claims she has been in constant contact with Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs to facilitate the handover.

“Teixeira had indicated the intention of moving the assets on Monday, October 5, 2015and same was communicated to Mr. Isaacs,” the statement added.

The PPP claims that on Saturday evening, Teixeira was advised that the transfer could not be done on Monday, as Harmon had indicated that “they are not ready as yet,”hence the date was change to Thursday October 8, 2015.

During this period, Mr. Harmon publicly declared  that with regards to the transfer of the assets, that,“They could have it now, they could have had it last week.”

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

However,  upon arrival at the former Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Ms Teixeira and two other Members of  Parliament  were advised by one Mr. Backer  that they were only allowed to move a few desks and chairs, a photocopier, two filing cabinets, a partition and a water dispenser, the PPP said.

Further, they  were told that the remaining items which are located  in the upper flat of the building could not be handed over since Advisers from the Ministry of the Presidency were still using them.

There were also items on the ground floor, which had the Office of the Leader of the Opposition tags, which were not allowed to be moved.

The party added that there was no definite indication as to when these items will become available  so as to complete the setting up of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, a constitutional Office.

“The Ministry of the Presidency has no role in the transfer of the assets from the Parliment Office to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

This intrusion by the Ministry of the Presidency is a deliberate attempt to stymie the work of the Leader of the Opposition.”






  1. This will only happen if rigging continues MADMAXX. PPP spent 28 years in Opposition due to Burnham/Green and of course Granger doings. You are confident that the PPP will stay in Opposition since the Old Guards are back. Remember the Berlin Wall MADMAXX??? If you can or perhaps not it CAME DOWN.

  2. Wishing donkey the fat lady sing, opposition for life is the only office Party Protection politicians will be occupying they will not be in power ever again,,,,,

  3. they want all office and there house like garbage all the place old p.n.c /a.p.n.u/afc mean– all people not understand/ a fool come to rule this land that they damage so bad you will take 75 years to make up

  4. mr. Lydon Baird what wrong with the news , the new government is speaking about the previous regime corrupt, thiefing etc, why can,t they do the simple thing in handing over the state property to the other party, you guys don,t want to hear the truth

  5. This is to be expected. This defacto Government will do anything possible to stymie the work of the Oppositon. Gail and Team please do not give up the fight until the PPP/C is back in office.

  6. Are you telling the Guyanese people and the world that this is what making the news these days? Our top senior government officials are arguing over some used crap, old laptop. I am a Guyanese working overseas, home every six weeks spend all my earning in Guyana. Only by reading you news broadcast I get information of what goes on in Guyana. If this is the nonsense I have to read think would be best if I get my information concerning my Country elsewhere.


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