Somalian fined, deported for presenting false passport


A Somalian national was arraigned before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday morning and slapped with a G$100,000 fine by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for allegedly presenting false documents to a Police Constable.

Abraham Sheik Mohammed admitted to the charge which stated that he, on March 9, 2017 at Lethem, with intent to defraud, uttered to an Immigration Officer a forged United Kingdom of Great Britain passport in the name of Steven Rhimestone, bearing a photograph of Rhimestone.

The Magistrate fined him the sum of G$100,000 and ordered that he be escorted to the nearest port of exit upon the payment of the fine, or serve an alternative of four months in jail.

The court heard that Mohammed entered the country by crossing the Guyana-Brazil border upon which he presented the said document to the Police rank. The passport was suspected to be stolen and the man was detained at Lethem; checks made with INTERPOL confirmed the suspicions and the foreigner was charged with the offence.


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