Solid grounds for charges against Lowenfield – lawyer

Keith Lowenfield at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court

Prominent lawyer Christopher Ram has asserted that there are solid grounds for the private criminal charges against Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield.

He was at the time responding to calls made by the caretaker Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan for the charges against the CEO to be dismissed on the basis of malicious prosecution.

“If he (Ramjattan) feels Lowenfield has such a great chance of success, maybe he should take on the matter…I wonder if Ramjattan knows what are the conditions to succeed on malicious prosecution. He’s completely wrong,” the attorney expressed.

According to Ram, there is nothing wrong with the participants needing more time to submit statements and moreover, there are solid grounds for the charges. He posited that if something was wrong, Chief Magistrate Faith McGusty would not have adjourned the case.

Christopher Ram

“There are solid grounds for the institution of the charges and what Ramjattan should do as a lawyer is wait till this process plays out and then he may want to offer some pro bono legal advice to Mr. Lowenfield.”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong (with the adjournment). If there was something so wrong, clearly the magistrate would have recognized that,” Ram said, adding that the whole of Guyana and the world is witness to CEO’s actions.


Lowenfield made his first appearance in court before Magistrate McGusty on July 24.

Lowenfield, who was represented by Attorney Nigel Hughes and Senior Counsel Neil Boston, was slapped with three private criminal charges regarding conspiracy to commit fraud, misconduct in public office and breach of public trust.

The charges were brought by Josh Kanhai and Desmond Morian.

The CEO has been accused to attempting to defraud citizens of Guyana by altering the results of the elections to hand a false victory to the APNU/AFC Coalition.