Soesdyke man found murdered in bedroom – Hicken says investigators working hard to find perpetrator/s


The parents of a 25-year-old man are now mourning his loss after he was killed in the bedroom next to theirs last night, moments after the family had retired to bed. 

Reports are that around 21:00 hrs on Thursday, 25-year-old Pooran Baljit of lot 57 Madewini, Soesdyke, had gone into his bedroom to rest and his mother and father went into theirs. 

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About half of an hour later, the young mechanic’s mother was awaken to the sounds of screams coming from her son’s room so she alerted her husband (Baljit’s father) and they rushed to ascertain what was happening. 

However, when she tried opening his bedroom door she realised that it was bolted from inside. Upon realising this, Baljit’s father ran out of their two-bedroom home and climbed through a window to access his son’s room to ensure that he was alright and determine what had caused him to scream at that hour of the night.  

Unfortunately, the dead man’s father was not prepared for what he was about to discover; he saw the young mechanic lying in a pool of blood. 

Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken, told INews this morning that Baljit had been stabbed to the right and left sides of his shoulder as well as the left side of his stomach. 

A knife, which is suspected to be the murder weapon, was found along the bedroom window ceiling. 

“The detectives are on the ground continuing investigations, at this point in time they are working hard and investigating,” Hicken stated.


  1. How sad… whats going on in Guyana? the police the government?
    Poor kid.. innocently killed possibly for no reason. I would like to see what the police will do about this case.


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