Society not doing enough to reduce violence – iNews Poll


 By Fareeza Haniff

Pie Chart[] – A majority of iNews participants believe that society is not doing enough to reduce violence and disputes at the level of families.

During an iNews poll last week, the question “Do you think our society is doing enough to reduce violence and disputes at the level of families?” was asked.

In response 91 percent of participants voted ‘no’, a mere eight percent voted ‘yes’ and one percent was undecided.

As of recent, Guyana has seen an upsurge in suicide cases, with mostly women who opt to take their own lives after a dispute with either their spouse or family members.

In addition, the country is known for its large number of domestic violence cases. The National Family Commission had promised in 2013 to up its ante against domestic violence in 2014.

Chairman of that Commission, Kwame Gilbert had said that what is needed is a change in the methodologies previously used to get messages of non-violence across to target groups.

“In the new year we want to create more opportunities for men to attend forums and learn about parenting and relationship building skills… our challenge right now is the methodology, the message is a good one but getting it across is the challenge” Gilbert explained.

He said the NFC will be  collaborating with the Men’s Affairs Bureau mostly to target men, “we have not been reaching the type of men we want to reach so we will be going to the rum shops, barbershops, clubs, basketball fields and anywhere where these men are to meet them.”



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