Society is responsible for rogue Cops – Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.
Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.

[] –Police Commissioner (ag), Seelall Persaud today sought to place blame on society for the criminal elements within the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

He was at the time responding to questions from Reporters about the recent revelation of the involvement of a number of former policemen in criminal activities.

The Commissioner brushed aside concerns and told Reporters that before becoming members of the GPF, the officers are first members of society.

“Our society from historical times based on my reading has been involved in crime; the members of the Police Force are members of society,” the Police Commissioner said.

He explained that members of society are taken and made members of the Police Force and there is only so much the Force can do.

“We put them through training, we instill values but there have always been exceptions to the rule.”

Reporters were referring to the Montrose, East Coast Demerara shooting where two men were killed during an attempted robbery; one included a former police rank – Warren Blue, was on the run for over two years for the killing of Agricola teen, Shaquille Grant.

Another policeman is also on the run for Grant’s murder.

Recently, a number of Police Officers have been charged with various offenses and have been placed before the Court.



  1. “We put them through training, we instill values but there have always been exceptions to the rule.”

    Do you know what that means. In simpler words it means that they take regular individual without DISCRIMINATION And train them, give them a value for life, instill various types of education and good behavior. Unfortunately some don’t want to have values in their life and after these trainings they do all sorts of wrong thing. I don’t expect the commissioner to be behind the back of every police in guyana. These policemen and women are adults and know absolutely what is right from wrong. So to blast the commissioner will not help to change the mindset of the bad policeman and women.

  2. r commissioner I don’t agree with your statement because the GPF is recruiting persons with the least if any educational background I don’t think much better is expected of them. Examine your department before you cast blame. I’m not saying that educated people don’t be involved in criminal activities but what I’m saying is that they might have a better judgement. I happen to know quite a lot of policemen who are school drop-outs. Please choose your words carefully.

  3. Some words of advice to the ACTING COP!! It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove ALL doubt!
    I sometimes think that the Guyana Government is planning to go into the movie industry with all these acting people they are appointing!
    Darn it – They already in it because there sure is a soap opera going on!

  4. another ppp foolish clown thinks he talking to dumb people…
    citizens are tired complaining that they are more afraid of police than that of bandits..a clown like rohee said he knows nothing about security but yet is in charge of security..members of ppp in high authority are afraid to take the fight to criminals for fear of having their visas in day out the most people that gets robbed and bashed in are those that support and vote ppp..ppp knows lots about economics but squat on criminality..ppp afraid of pnc -red thread-ghra- cris ram a man who loves women so much that he has to brutalized them according to court documents..let me show those how the mighty powerful interacts with each other..ramotar chat with the wife of glen lall..from his own mouth..glen lall got all ppp membersby the ball this is why ppp cant touch him..ppp dont understand that money talks and bullshit walks..all ppp government run institutes are infiltrated..
    Seelall Persaud is paid by taxpayers to talk shit and to insult them..political society are the ones hiring police..ppp political society..not their supporters and voters..Seelall Persaud should go hit the bottle more with ramjatan and nagamoottoo.

  5. The commish is making a general statement. I know and you know what he means. This is Guyana and you call dead people, ‘dead people’ and not ‘stiff’!
    Rather, you are the fool and out of touch with Guyanese Society.
    Only idiotic ‘Guyanese Newspapers’ will find ways how to distort and doctor the true
    substance of the subject matter.
    Society is truly responsible to bring up decent children. Did you not know that it takes a village to raise a child?

  6. ‘Reform is needed. Consider the case of former xxxxxx police inspector xxxxx xxxxx . He faced a variety of charges under the Police Services Act, including having sex on the job, misusing xxxxxx’s nationwide criminal database, storing pornography on his work computer, and using police equipment to spy on a former lover. Four years of legal wrangling and delay followed in which xxxx collected his full pay and benefits. Just before his case reached a tribunal he resigned, costing taxpayers more than $550,000 to support him while under suspension’.

    Rogue cops is present in all countries, race, gender, rich or poor or whatever.
    They tarnish the entire force and hide behind the badge.
    The fingers of the hand are not equal. To some mothers, they are a big disgrace to her and also a disgrace to society.
    As above we are looking here at a develop country. Please note the cost and if in american dollars, multiply it by nearly two hundred times.

    The society must also take some responsibility. They must have knowledge of many crimes and condone it. They also do not snitch. The people who do this is the real enemies. Laws must change to reflect and punish those in society who aided and abetted criminal activities. Laws should also be made to facilitate confiscation of all proceeds of crime with jail time.
    This will help to mend an ailing Society plagued with wicked people.

  7. the commissioner is making a statement of a fool who is in a position of authority that he is not deserving of; imagine the police commissioner of an american city making such a statement to the media, what a field day that would be for all media’s. is the commissioner forgetting that these individuals were sworn in to up hold the law in the performance of their duty, and further more while is training is there no psychological evaluations done on these recruits before graduating them, and last but not least, for this can be attained what about background checks on these future officers. Mr commissioner you are an idiot to say such thing, for if society is responsible for the criminal police officers, let the people know what is responsible for the regular man or woman who become a criminal who is not trained in the requirements of enforcing the law…………………..


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