Smooth D-Day process in Region Six

As thousands of Discipline Services Ranks cast their ballot ahead of the March 02 General and Regional Elections, Ranks in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) are pleased with the smooth process.
With four polling stations in the Region, there were no reported instances of major hiccups when they opened at 06:00h.
A total of 674 members of the Discipline Services are scheduled to vote in the Region on D-Day.
At Central Police Station in New Amsterdam 298 Police Officers and 42 Soldiers are expected to vote. Over at Whim Police Station 206 Police Officers; Skeldon Police Station 128 Officers, and at the New Amsterdam Prison 113 Officers from that institution.
Officer in charge of the New Amsterdam Prison, Udistmir Holligan said the process went smoothly. However, when the doors were open at 6:00h none of the Prison Officers were outside and it was after several minutes that Holligan led the first batch of officers to cast their ballots.
Meanwhile, several police officers complained of having to go to polling places which are not in the area which they work or live.
Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus said arrangements are being put in place to take those Ranks their place of poll and get them back.
Deputy Commander Superintendent Timothy Williams was the first to cast a ballot at central Police Station. (Andrew Carmichael)