Sleeping child tossed out of stolen vehicle in Diamond


This festive season is quickly becoming miserable for vehicle owners, as the rampant theft of motorcars, both private and commercial, are increasing at an alarming rate.

The most recent theft which occurred on Sunday saw a carjacker reportedly tossing a sleeping child from a blue Toyota Spacio motorcar which he then used to escape.

The robbery was carried out on Samantha Williams, 43, of Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

This publication understands that the woman was at the time returning home at around 22:20hrs with her niece asleep in the back of her motorcar, PVV 9496.

She reportedly stepped out of the vehicle to open her gate when a gunman walked up to her and pointed a gun in her direction.

Williams started to scream; the bandit however, entered her car and drove away with her niece still asleep inside.

This publication was informed that the perpetrator stopped about 100ft away and tossed the sleeping child out of the vehicle before making good his escape.

Based on information received, the child was not seriously injured.

The matter was reported and the Police are currently investigating.


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