Skeletal remains of human, suspected to be female found at Puruni, Region 7

The remains that were discovered

The skeletal remains of a human were on Sunday discovered at Thomas Island, Puruni River, Region Seven. The remains are suspected to be that of a female.

Based on reports received, a security personnel stumbled upon the remains while heading to an internet cafe to make a call. He however, reported the findings to the police on Tuesday.

As such, officers were dispatched to the scene to conduct preliminary investigations. It is presumed that the body was there for several weeks.

Due to the present state of decomposition, the body was unable to be identified, only a brassiere was reportedly on the body an some amount of flesh.

The police are making checks to determine if a missing person’s report was made of recent.

A police source confirmed that no such reports were made.

However, police are continuing their investigations.

A postmortem examination is expected to be performed on the remains to determine the cause of death.

This publication was informed that investigators will continue to question people in the area with the hope of getting a breakthrough with respect to the identity of the remains.


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