Skeldon, Blairmont sugar estates surpass weekly target


Sugar[] – The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) has completed fifteen weeks of grinding for the current crop and to date has produced 118,180 tonnes sugar.

According to GuySuCo, as of week ending November 6, 2015 Skeldon and Blairmont Estates surpassed their weekly target while Albion, Rose Hall and Enmore Estates achieved 91.43%, 90.29% and 90.26% respectively.

It was noted that last week, Blairmont recorded its highest daily production of 240 tonnes sugar for this crop. Skeldon Estate supplied the Guyana Power and Light Inc. with 1,110,600 KWh of electricity using bagasse fuel.

“This brings the total power supplied for the year to date to 33,436,630 KWh,” GuySuCo revealed.

As at November 9, 2015, sugar production for the 2nd crop to date is 118,180 tonnes, 80.7 % of the estimate for the crop. 199,323 tonnes has been produced for the year to date which represents 87.6 % of the total sugar production estimated for the year.




  1. Do Not Super Impress your self. This Skeldon Estate was born out of questionable procurement and does not carry value for money. We could of had a cheaper factory with better production output and workings.. But your buddies at PPP just wanted something big expensive and Chinese built so they can get a kick back. And please note this piece of shit factory never preformed well under the PPP and its management structure. The mush brains at the PPP give us shit to work with, the new Govt is making the best out of it. If you feel the need to dispel or contradict me go ahead and present your facts, every thing I have said can be proven and already was.

  2. The apnuafc said that skeldon estate was a white elephant how come it is making sugar and pass target good brains of the pppc people

  3. The sugar industry was the sweetest vote for one set of bitter people, what will happen to all the votes and to bagasse like DK, sugar dead PPP in the empty punts

  4. This is really good news for those who would have worked in Sugar for a long time when the GAWU was rolling out scorn and fire against the Burnham regime. Are we witnessing a return to their old ways of treatment of the PPP affiliated Union towards the PNC Government. It is not normal that you have a stoppage for a few days and the factories recovers so quickly to get back to normal efficiency in achieving set targets. It has always took a few weeks, I guess GAWU is as surprise as us on this phenomenon.

    The Union and Government should stand aside and allow management and workers to do their thing. The Survival of the company is within the best interest of both. GAWU needs new leadership to embrace new cultural and structural changes within the industry.

  5. Don’t close the sugar estates! Private investors and the government should collaborate on a workable solution to keep these workers in their jobs and keep the sugar industry solvent.

  6. The APNU do not get it when it comes to Economy. Producing 100000000 tonnes of Sugar and no market to sell them makes no sense! Can Jagdeo once again educate the fools on Economics! The Sugar industry is dead! There are too many alternatives for Sugar today at a way cheaper cost to produce….stop wasting tax payers dollars people….invest wisely into different areas to develop the economy and create jobs….

  7. PPP and it’s enforcement arm GAWU will again ” get jealous” and attempt to call a strike…….GUYSUCO must not succeed under the coalition……..that will take away our “cash cow” and raison detre !


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