Sixty-five Guyanese among 15,042 illegal immigrants in T&T


There are 15,042 people residing illegally in Trinidad and Tobago—the majority of them being 1,015 Venezuelans, acting National Security Minister Dennis Moses confirmed on Friday.

According to a Trinidad Guardian report, Minister Dennis gave the figure in Parliament while replying to Opposition queries. He also disclosed that among the illegals are sixty-five Guyanese nationals.

Moses said T&T had granted permanent residency to some 30,200 people up to May 2017, the Trinidad Guardian article stated.

However, between January 1 and May 1, 2017, he added there were 15,042 illegals.

This comprised 1,015 Venezuelans, 326 Colombians, 217 from the Dominican Republic, 183 Chinese, 65 Guyanese, 39 Nigerians and 20 Jamaicans.


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