Six Police officers dismissed for criminal misconduct


…50 complaints per month against Guyana Police Force officers

…female rank at Brickdam station being investigated for missing gun

Six Police ranks were dismissed last month – three for criminal misconduct, while five others are under investigation (for October) as the Guyana Police Force  strengthens its zero tolerance policy against unprofessionalism and misconduct.

Acting Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, during a press conference on Monday, expressed worry over the situation but found solace in the fact that the number of reports of misconduct are decreasing.

He noted that the six police officers who were dismissed comprised of one subordinate and five constables. Three of them were fired for criminal misconduct.

One of the ranks under investigation is a female attached to the Brickdam Police Station who is reportedly involved in a missing .32 firearm.

“It has to do with the subordinate officer not being able to account for a .32 firearm received by her while on duty, which was lodged by a civilian,” Ramnarine disclosed.


He reminded that over the last three months, nine guns were reported stolen from licenced firearm holders, seven of which were .32 pistols.

Police Commissioner (Ag) David Ramnarine
Police Commissioner (Ag) David Ramnarine

Ramnarine only suspected that these missing firearms are making their way into the hands of criminals.

During a previous news conference, the Acting Police Commissioner chastised the irresponsible ownership of firearms; more particularly the carelessness involved where some of the firearms reportedly were stolen.

“A businesswoman on the East Coast, who obtained a firearm licence for protection, is away from the business, leaves the firearm in a wardrobe at home, there is a robbery and the firearm is taken. How much more ridiculous can we get?” the Top Cop lamented.

Ramnarine also shared the instance of when a firearm holder, who departed Georgetown to go to Berbice, upon his return to the city, felt drowsy and decided to take a nap along the Plaisance Public Road only to awaken the next morning to discover that his cellular phone and firearm were missing.

During yesterday’s media conference, Ramnarine also stated that there is uproar for personal firearm licences and yet, recent instances show the high level of irresponsibility being exhibited.

“This is the behaviour we have… The other one is, the owner is overseas, the firearm is at home, the wife is not at home – this is on the West Demerara – there is a break-and-enter and larceny, the firearm is taken in the process. He didn’t lodge it at the Police Station as the instruction says on the licence – when not in use; he left it home – gone!” the Acting Police Commissioner lamented.


Meanwhile, Ramnarine disclosed that there is a 21 per cent reduction in complaints against members of the GPF for the period August 1 to October 25, 2016 when compared to the same period in 2015.

The Top Cop (Ag) said there is an average of 50 complaints against Police officers on a monthly basis. For the corresponding period, there were 193 complaints in 2015 and 154 in 2016. For the entire 2015, there were 615 complaints of which 603 were addressed, whereas in 2016, there have been 515 thus far.

Ramnarine said judging from the figures, there should be a continued decrease in reports against Police officers in relation to fleecing and street harassment.

He alluded to the reduction to the efforts by the GPF to clamp down on misconduct and unprofessionalism.

The Acting Police Commissioner had issued several stern warnings to the traffic officers about their unprofessional behaviour when dealing with the travelling public.

There have been mounting complaints of Police abusing their authority during road blocks by fleecing and harassing road users.

(Guyana Times)




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