Six in police custody following marijuana find


Marijuana1[] – Six men have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations in relation to the discovery of marijuana.

According to a police report, at about 01:00 hrs on Saturday, August 22, ranks of a police mobile patrol conducted a search on a mini-bus at Rosignol, Berbice, during which 1 kilogram 510 grams of marijuana were found.




  1. all part of a pattern of deliberate fraudulent misrepresentation and slanted delivery of the facts by the police, a ploy that was born in the murderous leon fraser era and matured in the RK era that seeks to impose upon the public fictitious events and inflated and deflated numbers and facts mostly aimed at hiding police culpability and inferring successes GPF was one of the best I have seen at misconstruing and obfuscation over the years. I don’t know how any judge actually takes these guys word in court.


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