Sithe Global still in possession of Hydro License


ROGER LUNCHEON WEB[] – Despite the death of the controversial Amaila Falls Hydro Project, Sithe Global is still in possession of the Hydro license.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Lucheon told reporters on Wednesday, November 6 that the license has not been revoked.

“But that is not by any means constitute any basis to say that a license that is being used with the effect of executing a project is what currently exists. This is just what I would consider a leftover of an initiative that has not been conclusive,” Dr. Luncheon explained.

Sithe Global was the main investor in Guyana’s Amaila Falls Hydro Project, however due to the non – support of the project by the Opposition political parties, the U.S Company withdrew from the project, losing some US$16M.

Since the withdrawal of Sithe Global, the Opposition has been calling on government to cancel the license.



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