Sister arrested for allegedly stabbing brother to death


A 24-year-old woman is in custody as police investigates an attack on her mother and the fatal stabbing of her 21-year-old brother on Easter Monday.

The now dead young man, Vishaul Hansraj, a trawler operator of Covent Garden Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara (EBD), succumbed on Tuesday afternoon while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital after being stabbed to the chest on Monday.

DEAD: Vishaul Hansraj

While information surrounding the stabbing incident is sketchy, police have arrested the dead man’s older sister, whom they believe wounded him.

When contacted this morning, ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken said that the young woman “is in custody for questioning into both stabbing incidents”.

At the time Hicken noted that detectives were awaiting results from the post mortem examination that was conducted in order to determine the course of the investigation.

However, the siblings’ mother, Sumintra Brijmohan, was adamant that the young woman did not kill her brother. She explained that the young woman was at home when her brother came in but he was already injured.

Nevertheless, Brijmohan admitted that her daughter had attacked her during an earlier confrontation. She related that the young woman had gone to the nearby school ground with her brothers and they were drinking.

The woman noted that her daughter returned home around 17:00hrs and was very quiet.

“I ask she ‘Debbie, what happen’ and she say ‘nothing nah wrong, like you want a problem’. I say I don’t want no problem so I left she (in the house) and walk outside. She run out behind me and she shove me and I fall, and like me nah know how it happen but like she nail dig me (on the neck). After me feel the blood, me run out and call for my neighbours and they call taxi. But whilst I running over the bridge, my son run towards me and he pass me with a set of blood on he shirt and went to the house,” the woman stated.

She continued that she didn’t turn back but was put into the taxi by neighbours, who moments later brought her injured son into the car and they were both transported to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank of Demerara.

Brijmohan added that she was treated and sent away that night from the medical institution, while her injured son was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital  where he succumbed the following day. The woman claimed that Hansraj died without relating what transpired with him.

“I don’t know (what happened), he didn’t tell me nothing… All me son say “mommy, I want something to drink”; “mommy, I want go home”; “too much pain, maa carry me home”… that’s all meh son say to me before he died,” the distraught woman related, adding that she does not want to lose another child – referring to her daughter who is in custody.

The 24-year-old woman remains in police custody as investigations continue.

Meanwhile, a post mortem conducted this morning (Wednesday) revealed that Hansraj died as a result of perforations of the liver due to stab wounds. He was stabbed twice, the PME found.


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