Sir Clive Lloyd angry at Jason Holder article carried by Guyana Chronicle

Sir Clive Lloyd
Sir Clive Lloyd

Legendary West Indies captain Sir Clive Lloyd has said he was filled with anger after reading a “libellous” article published by the Guyana Chronicle under the headline “Holder has outlived his usefulness in the position, says Lloyd.”

Appearing on the most recent Mason and Guest radio programme, Lloyd declared he had never said anything of this sort, and his lawyers have taken up the matter.

“Never said anything like that! I find it so disrespectful that people can do as they like, put your name to something and say you have said that. No, that is wrong! I have never said anything like that!

“A friend of mine spoke to the Sports Editor at the Chronicle, and he didn’t even come back and explain anything really, so I am very disappointed, because I never spoke to that reporter,” Lloyd said on Tuesday’s Mason and Guest programme.

Lloyd declared that Jason Holder is a guy for whom he has great regard. “I sort of promoted him as captain. I will never go out to say anything like that to anyone. I don’t have anything against Holder,” Lloyd clarified.

Asked if he had made contact with the reporter, Lloyd replied in the negative.
An incident of this nature is nothing new to the legendary captain, as a Trinidadian journalist had said he had spoken with Sir Clive and in fact he had not. That matter is currently in court.

Meanwhile, former West Indies player Philo Wallace has said he was shocked and in disbelief when he read that article.

“Knowing Sir Clive, he would not have said those things. I think he is doing the right thing to protect his reputation, and journalists need to respect the former greats. You cannot use people’s names because of their greatness,” Wallace said. He added that he hopes Sir Clive goes full steam ahead.

Sir Clive has said he left a message for Jason Holder, and noted that he has never said those things that were written in the article.