Silvie’s suffering major losses due to flooding

Flooding at Silvie’s Industrial Solutions

Popular Hardware Store, Silvie’s Industrial Solutions – located at the corner of High and Hadfield Streets in Georgetown – is suffering hundred of thousands of dollars in losses due to constant flooding during the rainy seasons.

Health and Safety Manager of the business establishment, Henry Manerio, told this publication that the company and employees are becoming frustrated and they are urging authorities to look into the situation.

“We are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is a horrible situation. Every time a little rain falls, this whole place gets flooded,” the Manager explained.

“This is happening especially in our repairs department where we do repairs for customers, that entire place gets flooded. We are even experiencing situations where some of our workers are becoming sick,” he outlined.

Flooding at Silvie’s Industrial Solutions

Manerio related that the company reached out to the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) several times, with the recent date being around the May 13.

However, no satisfactory action has been taken.

The Health and Safety Manager lamented that the business has been experiencing this issue for more than four years, and the situation gets worse each year.

He believes the officials need to do more to alleviate flooding in the city.

Last year, the Mayor and City Council had said that when flooding occurs in the city, the M&CC is not the only one to be blamed.

Ubraj Narine, Mayor of Georgetown, had pointed accusing fingers at the residents of the city, saying that they are also responsible.

He had noted too that the flooding is becoming worse due to residents of the city littering.