Siblings in custody for murder of New Amsterdam man

Dead: Tyrone France

Two brothers are currently in police custody as investigations into the murder of 28-year-old Tyrone France of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Region Six, continue.

France’s body was discovered on Monday morning along the road shoulder at Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice.

An autopsy performed on the dead man by Government Pathologist Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan on Friday gave the cause of death as being asphyxia and multiple injuries.

France was known to police and had been convicted of narcotics possession.

Police had arrested three persons who he was in the company of hours before the discovery. The quartet was at a bar-b-que at Glassgow New Housing Scheme.

Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Shivpersaud Bacchus, had told reporters that there is a primary and a secondary scene.

He referred to the location where the quartet was imbibing as the primary scene.

“It is believed that the incident would have taken place at the primary and then it moved to the secondary location where the victim’s body would have been found,” the Commander explained.

On Tuesday, as the investigation intensified, two more persons were taken into custody.

Police headquarters on Friday evening said the five suspects were released and two siblings are now in custody.

According to a source who asked to remain anonymous, France was reportedly indebted to a man for drugs given to him to sell.