Shot Venezuelan soldier returns home for treatment


The Venezuelan soldier, Lieutenant Edmundo Luis Berti Garcia, who was shot and injured by two of his countrymen on Saturday within Guyana’s border, has returned to his country for further treatment. The injured man had requested local authorities for him to return home.

The injured rank being handed over to the Venezuelan National Guard

See below for an update on the shooting incident from the Guyana Police Force:

Shooting of Venezuelan Soldier by Venezuelan Nationals in Guyana

The police are conducting investigations into a shooting incident that occurred yesterday Saturday, April 24, 2021, at Imbotero Landing, North West District, during which Venezuelan National Edmundo Luis Berti Garcia, 28 years and a Lieutenant in the Venezuelan National Guard stationed at the Guyana/Venezuela border, was shot and injured by two other Venezuelan Nationals.

Investigations so far have revealed that earlier, on April 19, 2021, the Venezuelan Lieutenant had intercepted a boat in which a quantity of cannabis sativa (marijuana) was found. The narcotics were seized and the two occupants, who are the suspects in the shooting incident, were subsequently released.

The victim reportedly crossed the border into Guyana at Imbotero yesterday during which he was confronted by the suspects, who were each armed with a firearm, and opened fire hitting him to his body.

The two suspects escaped, while Edmundo Luis Berti Garcia was assisted out of the river by public-spirited persons and then taken to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital by police ranks stationed at Imbotero.

While receiving medical attention at the hospital, the victim requested to be taken back to Venezuela for further treatment. This was facilitated by a team of Police and Guyana Defence Force ranks who took him to the Guyana/Venezuela border and handed him over to another Officer of the Venezuelan National Guard.