Shopkeeper shoots bandit dead…with his own gun


The bandit who died last evening after being shot at in Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway when he entered the home of a shop-keeper has been identified as Raphael Armstrong called “Scar” of Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD). 

robberyReports are that “Scar” along with an accomplice confronted the shopkeeper and his son when they invaded the family’s home as they attempted to rob them. 

However, a scuffle ensued between the shop-keeper and Armstrong which resulted in the bandit’s firearm falling to the ground. The shopkeeper swiftly retrieved the weapon and fired shots at the 32-year-old Armstrong hitting him a number of times about his body. 

INews was told that Armstrong’s accomplice fled the scene and managed to make good his escape. 

The police were subsequently notified about the incident and Armstrong was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, EBD, where he was pronounced Dead On Arrival (DOA). 

Meanwhile, the unlicensed firearm was handed over to the police who are presently conducting investigations into the matter. Armstrong’s accomplice is yet to be apprehended. 


  1. Congrats goes out to this shopkeeper…..get these scum bags off the streets. The home affairs minister has no plans to curb the escalating crime rate. Unfortunately Guyanese are taking matters into their own hands.

  2. Shopkeeper shoots bandit dead…with his own gun.
    Shop keeper for President of the republic of Guyana.
    You bet the other terrorists would never escaped if others had guns.
    They would have chased him down and give him the silent treatment too.
    Are we now going to hear “black lives matter”?

  3. This is the way to go,,hats of to that brave shopkeeper,,GO BRO ,,take the fight to these BED BUGS,,,sucking on hard working people,,

  4. Very brave person.A very satisfying conclusion, another piece of garbage disposed of, and two decent people unharmed, but I am sure traumstised. I only wish more of these frightening confrontation with armed gunmen could the same way.


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