Shootout at bar in Uitvlugt leaves 2 injured, 4 on the run


Two men were injured during the wee hours of this morning after four gunmen stormed into the bar they were in, at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and shot at them.

The injured customers who were imbibing at the institution have not yet been identified but Inews was told that the incident occurred around 01:00hrs on Wednesday morning.

Speaking with this publication, the owner of the bar, who identified herself only as “shorty,” said that the four men entered the premises initially as customers.

They called on a waitress and requested three beers, but produced only $500 to pay with. As such, the waitress informed them that they could only get two beers for the amount they were paying. The men reportedly accepted the two beverages instead of three.

Shortly after, the men called on the waitress again and requested $100 in cigarettes. However, when they were only provided with two cigarettes, one of the four requested to speak to the owner.

The waitress informed them that the owner asked not be disturbed. The four men reportedly persisted but the young lady held her ground.

The four men then left the bar and return armed with guns which they used to shoot at the two customers who also happened to be armed, and returned fire.

Blood splatters from the shooting reportedly belonging to the injured customers 

The bar owner related that “suddenly, the door spun open and the four men stood holding fire arms. They started shooting at the two men, who returned fire.”

The waitress who was on duty at the time reportedly contacted the police but they failed to respond.

After several minutes, the four gunmen fled the scene, leaving the two men injured.

Inews understands that after half an hour passed and the police had not arrived, one of the injured men drove, with his injured colleague in tow, to the Leonora Police Station. However, ranks there quickly directed him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for treatment.

Investigations are ongoing.


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