Shewdass is Innocent, will not pay any fine – Grandfather


[] – Gumedendra Shewdass will not pay the fine imposed by the International Power lifting Federation.

These are the words of the boy’s grandfather Chanderpaul, who spoke to the State Media earlier this week.

Gumendra Shewdas
Gumendra Shewdas

According to the Senior Shewdass, his grandson will not be paying the fine because he is not a cheater. The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) had asked the Powerlifter to pay the fine of $2000 Euros (G$558,213).

The boy’s grandfather who was had suggested that his grandson take medicine that contained the banned substance, feels that the results are ‘concocted’.

His grandfather said that they are not looking to pay the federation anything since the federation did nothing for the powerlifter through his training and they have not adequately represented him.

“They should’ve first come out, reach people; reach out and tell us what is going on; they should have ensured a local scientist go to Germany to certify that it is Shewdas urine, then we would have accepted that he (Shewdass) had drugs in his urine.”

Shewdass will return the monetary gifts according to the grandfather once he is asked to but he will not give the federation voluntarily. Shewdasson the other hand said that he is innocent.

Shewdass had won a gold medal in the 53kg class at the World Junior and sub-Junior Powerlifting Championships in Killeen, Texas in August last year.

However, an in-competition test confirmed the presence of the banned substances in his system and has sought to ban the athlete for two years.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) tested Shewdass’ ‘A’ sample urine at its accredited Lab in Cologne, Germany. Asked why he did not have Shewdas’ ‘B’ sample tested to vindicate his claim, Shewdass’ grandfather said they could notafford it.
“Why do a B sample (test) when we know GumendraShewdass nah use drugs? He nah use drugs, he don’t drink alcohol, he don’t walk late in the night. What they come out with is hard for me to believe cause we know he don’t use drugs. I will not believe that until I die,” the grandfather told the media.
Shewdas was offered to have his ‘B’ sample tested but refused, instead he opted to waive that right; IPF therefore concluded that he was in concurrence with the initial results. His grandfather believes it was a setup.

“They concoct it,” he repeated when asked the question.
Chanderpaul Shewdas informed that the controversy is not affecting the family because Shewdas medal cannot put food on their table.

“This (medal) is not something eternal, they come and they go and this world champion came and he gone; this is not affecting us; this don’t put food on the table or money in the bank; titles don’t full your belly,” the man said.




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