Shell service station at Mc Doom robbed by armed bandits

The Mc Doom service station (Shell image)

Four men-two of whom were armed-stormed the Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara Shell fuel station during the wee hours of Thursday morning and made good their escape with a substantial amount of cash.

According to information received, the incident occurred at about 03:15h.

A pump attendant and a cashier who were on duty at the time explained that one of the armed men came from the direction of the East Bank Public road and rode into the gas station on a bicycle.

The suspect reportedly approached the cashier and informed him that he was there to purchase a pack of cigarettes.

However, it was while the cashier was in the process of opening the lower half of the grill cage to conduct the transaction that the bandit reportedly whipped out his gun, pushed it through the slot and ordered the individual to hand over the cash.

INews was told that it appeared as though the gunman had inside knowledge of where the money was kept since he specifically made mention of a box below the register, which would have cash and according to the cashier, normal civilians would not be aware of this.

Meanwhile, while this was ongoing, three men entered the gas station area on foot, from a street located north of the facility.

One of the men approached the pump attendant with a gun, and the young man- who said he is newly employed- reportedly placed his hands in the air and one of the gunman’s accomplice pushed their hands into his pockets and relieved him of all the cash he had- which belonged to the company.

The perpetrators then fled the scene.

Police were contacted and an investigation has been launched.

This is not the first time that the Shell service station at Mc Doom has been targeted by bandits.(Ramona Luthi)


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