‘She was my baby!’ – mother cries for justice, urges road users to be more cautious

Varshanie Ramroop

Reshma Ramroop, a mother of two, is crying for justice after the youngest of her children was struck down and killed by a pickup on Tuesday afternoon.

Varshanie Ramroop, a 12-year-old student of the Greenwich Park Primary School, met her demise at around 15:15hrs when she was struck down by the vehicle as she was crossing the road at Farm, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

INews was told that the young girl heading home from lessons when horrific accident occurred.

The grieving mother related that she was informed of the incident by her niece.

“Her cousin said that she was crossing the road, the cousin said the road was clear and all of a sudden, a vehicle came and like when she saw the vehicle, she tried to run or something, and the vehicle just hit her, I don’t know if it was trying to overtake,” the mother explained.

“Apart from that, some people said that the child watched the road careful and she crossed, I think it had some parents and children that was on the roadway and they were able to say something.”

Reshma Ramroop

The mother described her daughter as “hardworking and very adorable”.

“I was hoping for the best for her…that’s my baby. It’s really hard, I can’t explain it. She [her daughter] was telling her friends them how she wants to make her mother proud,” Reshma recalled.

“She was so good at everything, was very bright, she was very tough in her exams…Last year during COVID, my son wrote National Grade Six [NGSA] and he got Bishops High and I was hoping for the best for her,” the mother explained.

Amid all her grief, the woman is calling on road users, especially drivers, to be more cautious and considerate of pedestrians.

“Look out for the little ones, try to assist and help. I can’t express my feelings enough, the pain is still here. But I am appealing to parents and road users beware of speeding vehicles because we don’t know what can happen next.”

Police said a notice of intended prosecution was served on the driver of motor pickup GXX 7522, who is a resident of Windsor Estates, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Noting that charges against the suspect will not bring back her daughter, the grieving mother still demanded that the full force of the law be meted out against the man responsible for her baby’s death.

“I want justice, I want justice for my child because she done pass away and I can’t get nothing more, just the justice. I need justice from the Commanders and the big ones. Also, I’m appealing that the Minister of Education can put a part in this and help me out with the situation cause it’s a really tough situation.”

Reports indicated that the girl had just disembarked a minibus and was in the process of crossing the road when she was struck down by the motor pick-up.

As a result of the collision, she fell onto the road surface where she received severe head injuries.

She was picked up in an unconscious state and escorted by police to Leonora Cottage Hospital where she was seen, examined, and pronounced dead on arrival.