Shared governance needs trust, understanding for it to work- Opposition Leader


While the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has not entirely ruled out the idea of shared governance with other political parties, Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo says in order for this to work, there is need for greater trust and understanding.

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The former President’s pronouncement comes in light of calls by sections of society for shared governance to be realized.

In a press conference today,  Jagdeo posited that he is open to talks if there is a request.

He, however sought to point out that previous PPP Administrations have always made efforts to work towards achieving this objective.

“We need in this country to build trust, greater trust at these levels to make these things function. But I have made it clear that the way I see it, is involvement of all the forces in Guyana,” he said.

Moreover, Jagdeo recalled that it was under the PPP that changes were made to the Constitution which enabled greater involvement from the Opposition in the legislative and judicial branches of Government.

“…but look what happened in the Judiciary. We put something for us to [have] greater collaboration and it ended up affecting the security of tenure of the two top positions of the Judiciary. For so many years we could not appoint a substantive Chancellor and a Chief Justice,” he explained.

Jagdeo says all parties must first ensure that they adhere to the constitutional provisions  and it would be easier to work on policies at the executive level collectively. 

“I am open to any discussion…once it’s done genuinely” he posited.


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