Shaquille Grant’s mother demands apology from PPP for calling her son a criminal

Shonnette Adams.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Shaquille Grant.
Dead: Shaquille Grant.

[] – Shonnette Adams, the mother of the late Shaquille Grant, is demanding an apology from Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) for labeling her son as a criminal.

Seventeen – year – old Grant was killed approximately two years ago by police ranks in Agricola Village, East Coast Demerara, after the police swooped down on him and some friends that were sitting in a yard.

Three ranks were later charged with Grant’s murder; however, two of the men have been on the run since the charges filed, while one has been committed to stand a high court trial.

The PPP in a recent press release described Grant as a ‘criminal.’ This statement has not only angered Grant’s mother and relatives but other residents of the community.

His mother, while demanding an apology, made it clear to members of the media that her son was never convicted of any crime nor was he ever wanted by the police for any offence.

“I believe Minister Rohee and the PPP Government owe me an apology; Minister Rohee met with my son, he handed my son the certificate, he hug and embrace him, he know my child well, my child was never a criminal, my child was never convicted of anything, my child has no police nor criminal record and I just can’t understand what the PPP Government or Minister Rohee is going on with,” she told a news conference today, Wednesday, December 03.

Shonnette Adams.
Shonnette Adams.


The woman expressed shock at the PPP’s statement which she believes is seeking to justify the killing of her son.

“The thing is he [Rohee] spoke so well of my son and the youths of Agricola; you owe us an apology you owe this entire country an apology, you owe the Agricola community an apology, you owe me and my relatives an apology and we’re looking for it and we’re looking for it soon,” the woman said.

The mother has since called on the police to do more to apprehend the ranks who remain on the run after brutally killing her son.




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