Shadick, Benn sworn in as GECOM Commissioners

President David Granger (center) flanked by Robeson Benn (left) and Bibi Shadick, following the swearing in ceremony.

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger (center) flanked by Robeson Benn (left) and Bibi Shadick, following the swearing in ceremony.
President David Granger (center) flanked by Robeson Benn (left) and Bibi Shadick, following the swearing in ceremony.

[] – President David Granger on Tuesday, September 22 swore in two new People’s Progressive Party (PPP) nominated Commissioners to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

The Commissioners, Robeson Benn and Bibi Shadick, will replace Mohamood Shaw and Athmaram Mangar, both of whom had resigned from their posts at GECOM for personal reasons.

In a brief comment shortly after the wearing in, the President stated that with the two new commissioners, GECOM is now up to capacity to efficiently deliver on its mandate.

“I received a letter from the Leader of the Opposition Mr Bharrat Jagdeo nominating Mr Benn and Ms Shadick to be Commissioners and I am very happy to comply with those recommendations so that the Guyana Elections Commission is now back up to strength and capable of discharging its responsibilities,” said President Granger.

Both Shadick and Benn were former Government Ministers under the PPP/C administration, with Benn serving as Minister of Public Works and Shadick as Minister of Human Services and Social Security. She most recently served as the head of the Guyana Broadcasting Authority (GBA).

On September 17, the PPP in a statement had urged the President to appoint the Commissioners post haste.

“The absence of these members is hampering the PPP’s representation on the commission. The PPP recalls the undue haste with which the government, using its parliamentary majority, pushed through the National Assembly, the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill 2015,” the Party had stated.


  1. Say something of substance for once. Muster some supporting evidence or at least cite some specific incidents

  2. claudeston messiah if the results will still be the same then why was this recount denied?????

    When the PNC lost several elections hence the difference was not marginal they never accepted any of those results.

    With a slim win hence all the discoveries and irregularities reported this recount was necessary. If the Colation was pounced the winner after this recount I don’t believe Guyanese would have any doubts hence would give the Government of the day a fair chance to govern.

  3. Side Kick don’t be silly. Again in your dreams. Ops you are still dreaming. Let me not disturbe you. Enjoy this dream while it last.

  4. A recount will show the P.P.P have won the may election. Surujbally and Lowenfield should go.They are the p.n.c rubber stamp that installed them in leadership.I am very happy they did because they prove to the world their incapability to run the country.Even the few that voted for change is now sorry for the grave mistake on that day.

  5. Jagdeo is an asset to Guyana and even the P.n.c.They need his help more than ever because they have no sense of direction where they are heading.Only the narrow minded are denying this fact.Why do you thing granger trying to get close to jagdeo.

  6. The main issue here is that no valid reason was given for not granting a recount, not that Shadick and Benn will be rubber stamps. Why don’t you comment on the main issue, you moron.

  7. Shadick and Benn will resign soon when they realised that GECOM is operating unfairly. Why no explanation that a recount could not be granted. How can GECOM Chairman get away with that? These two, and other, will be frustrated into resigning when they realised that they are rubber stamps.


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