Sexually abused 5 – Y- O allegedly kidnapped from School



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Kidnapped[] – A 5 – year-old girl, who was placed in protective custody following confirmation of sexual abuse reportedly at the hands of her father, was allegedly kidnapped by her mother on Friday, September 5.

iNews understands that the child was placed at the Camal International Home for the Homeless at Kilcoy Road Corentyne, Berbice, just over two months ago after she complained of being touched inappropriately by her father. The child was placed at Camal’s home during the investigations.

Sources close to the investigation told iNews that the child’s mother would visit her often but would insist that the father is innocent and begged for the child to be returned to her. iNews was also informed that the mother was told that custody would be given to her if she leaves the father.

iNews understands that the woman told probation officers that she is no longer with the man, however the officers found out she lied.

After realizing that the Human Services Ministry was serious about the matter and the child would have to remain at the home, the mother allegedly went to the Copper School in Albion, Corentyne, not too far from the Home and reportedly kidnapped the child.

According to persons in the area, other children who live at the home observed what took place and telephoned the owner of the Camal’s home to inform her of what was taking place; however, the mother made good her escape before anyone could have intervened.

Persons said the child lived with her mother and father in Fyrish Village. Checks by the police revealed that the house has since been abandoned.

iNews understands that a medical examiner confirmed that the child was sexually abused, however no charges were made against the alleged perpetrator.

Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency at the Ministry of Human Services, Ann Green confirmed with iNews that the incident did occur. Green was not willing to provide more information, as the mother and child remain in hiding.



  1. Guyana has no agency that is willing to educate it’s women and children about child abuse and domestic violence. If it is reported then what ? the child is taken away but there is no follow through with help for the family. The system needs to change its process.

  2. I’m sick to my stomach reading this, it looks like every government run office in Guyanan operates like a cowboy system.

  3. I wish to commend the Child Protection Services for its work in this matter but take umbrage with it for condoning the behavior of some fathers who kidnap their own daughters whom they were not supporting in order to spite the mothers of those daughters. Those fathers who keep fabricating venomous lies and dragging the mothers of their daughters through court. Is the final objective of those fathers to have carnal knowledge with their own daughters? In these cases, castration without anesthetic is high recommended.


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