Sex Workers lament discrimination in accessing social and medical services


[] – The Guyana Sex Worker Coalition is getting ready to air its grievances in relation to the rights of Sex Workers and their right to access social and medical services.

According to Co – Chair of the Organization, Carcey Fernandes, the level of discrimination against Sex Workers when accessing social and medical services in Guyana is on the increase. He said concerns in relation to breaches of confidentiality when accessing these services has also increased.

“I know of one person who was turned away from a clinic simple because she was a Sex Worker,” Fernandes told iNews. He said issues in relation to police brutality are also a need for concern.

As such, the Coalition has organized a meeting with the media on Saturday, January 18 where Sex workers’ concerns about human rights will be discussed at length. The event will also see the launching of Georgetown Declaration.

According to the Co-Chair, the declaration was adopted in April 2011 and is intended to demand from policy makers that they take the rights of Sex Workers into consideration and demand a change in attitude of Public Servants.

The Guyana Sex Work Coalition is a Human Rights led Non- Governmental organization specializing in Advocacy for the human rights.

“We strongly support SEX WORK AS WORK AND SEX WORKERS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS our primary focus are: To build the capacity of female, male and transgender sex workers to challenge stigma and discrimination and improve access to non-discriminatory social, medical and financial services and to Improve sex workers understanding of human rights and increase understanding of sex workers rights among law enforcement officers.”



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